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d!ss|pat!on by .jiwa

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“fight or flight, and they tell us there is no 3rd option.acknowledge it or not, we are all seekers.

seeking without practice brings desires that directly cause unhappiness.

happiness is always within grasp, a seeker can view life as colorfully as they choose to see it.

with practice, desire will enter, pass quickly, and d!ssi|pate.” 


A Live Sample of d!ss|pat!on. Click around.

View the interactive gallery experience of d!ss|pat!on, an experiment in viewing long form generative art.

All samples are interactive.

I happened to have 8 weeks to myself in my Berlin apartment over the 1st NFT summer in 2021.

So I began building the platform. 

As I worked, and took breaks to post on Twitter, and look around Opensea, my eyes popped out of my head at what I was seeing. So much imagery, art, and otherwise, the good, the bad, and the ugly. I was floored when my collected NFTs mooned, fomo when I had missed out, excitement for what was happening in general in the space, then a fire under my ass telling me I had wasted too much time scrolling, and so I got back to work. 

I noticed how token display windows on secondary marketplaces would often limit how artists crafted their art. And how even these windows may change size on desktop vs mobile, and even which phone you have. I also wanted to make the most of the generative experience for a single token holder as well as provide interactivity.

I started building dissipation as a way to test the generative art NFT platform.

It started as a way to test, but I couldn’t help myself and continued to push it. I realized the piece was coming together much like my summer; vibrant, yet busy, colorful, and abstract, not knowing what was around the next corner. Then came the eyes, and I saw the lesson it was teaching me. 

Our crazy digital NFT world is wild, fun, intense, colorful, but also very distracting and if we aren’t careful, it will create constant craving for more. “I should have bought that, instead of this!” “I bought three but I should have bought 10!” And as long as there is craving, there is a lack of peace. 

It’s still a struggle sometimes, but as long as we are aware of it, it will dissipate quickly and we will be grateful for what we have.