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f*ck putin

by jiwa

“Previous generations thought about peace as the temporary absence of war. Today we think about peace as the implausibility of war.”

-Yuval Noah Harari, Homo Deus.

Creativity = Exposure = Support = Value, a Thesis

Can donations given to social support be repaid by artistic value over time?

Artists around the world have come together to support Ukraine, and provide value to those giving donations.

f*ck putin is's contribution to this global effort, with viral participation in mind.

f*ck putin is a social live generative project where participation is rewarded to create the final Ethereum NFTs, granted to the collectors, with “shadow” Polygon NFTs granted to each interacting participant.

  • 100% of the funds to be donated to UkraineDAO, hardcoded into the minting contract. 
  • ukrainedao.eth
  • 0x633b7218644b83d57d90e7299039ebab19698e9c  
  • This project has its own minting contract and can be tracked here: 

We will support our friends in Ukraine, and create/collect innovative art while doing it. 

The project can be minted here on the drop date.

f*ck putin compressed GIF Sample #1


This collection comprises a series of live generative code-based NFTs influenced by a social participation mechanism that affects the final NFT output's rarity. Each of the f*ck putin NFTs (maximum number: 380) uses videos filmed by .jiwa at an anti-war protest in Berlin on Feb 27th, 2022, and a series of generative effects influenced by the participation inputs and the transaction hash (hash determinism) unique to each NFT. The participation input words are all pulled in from the For Peace Manifesto.

This Project is Different

f*ck putin has 3 acts:

f*ck putin Compressed GIF Process Example

Act 1: Mint > Share > Interact

1. Mint f*ck putin NFT on Ethereum (here)

2. Share it on social via your Opensea link (ex.

[We've included a 3 part twitter thread for you to easily share your f*ck putin nft at the end of this article]

3. Let your audience interact, share, and mint their own.

IMPORTANT: The NFT with the most interactions will become the rarest NFT in the collection.

The more the NFT is shared, the more potential interaction and awareness for the support of Ukraine is spread. ANYONE can interact with any collector's f*ck putin NFT by finding the shared NFT, clicking the choose button inside the NFT, entering their ETH address, and choosing a word. All words are pulled in from the For Peace Manifesto.

380 f*ck putin Ethereum NFTs will mint for one week, after which minting will close. At that time, all 100% of funds will be immediately donated via smart contract to Ukraine DAO’s wallet concluding Act 1.

diagram showing: Mint > Share > Interact sequence > social impact expansion

Act 2: Ethereum NFT Generation

Once ready, the words chosen by participants within each NFT are fed into the generative code, updating the NFT to its final form and rarity. The NFTs on Ethereum are auto-updated and require no user action to burn, claim, etc.

The piece shared and interacted with the most becomes the rarest piece.

Act 3: Polygon NFT Generation

Every person who participated and interacted by choosing a word within a f*ck putin NFT will receive a generative NFT via polygon airdrop. This will be a shadow version of the Ethereum NFT they interacted with. 

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Public Sale: Monday, April 4th, Time TBA
Price: 0.05 ETH
Max Supply: 380 (Ukraine’s country code) 
Mint Link: 

  1. 1st project on’s new ERC721a platform. Gas is cheap and minting multiple pieces at a time is really cheap.
  2. 380 (max) f*ck putin NFTs, open minting for one week.
  3. Minting closes after one week. 
  4. 100% of funds are immediately donated to Ukraine DAO, hardcoded into the minting contract. ukrainedao.eth - 0x633b7218644b83d57d90e7299039ebab19698e9c 
  5. This project has its own minting contract and can be tracked here: 
  6. The final Etheruem NFTs are generated with rarity based on interactions.
  7. Generative Polygon NFTs will be distributed to each person that interacted with a f*ck putin NFT. 

Let’s support our friends in Ukraine, create, collect, and innovate art while doing it.

f*ck putin Compressed GIF Output Sample #2

Social Sharing Thread Template

1/ Interact with our f*ck putin #00 on @opensea to support efforts in #Ukraine

This is a generative social project where participation is rewarded to create the final #Eth #NFT 

100% goes to @Ukraine_DAO through the contract

How do u participate!?🧵👇

[insert your opensea link that will look like this]

2/ To support first, interact with any f*ck putin #NFT on @opensea, by entering your #ETH addy & choosing a "peace word"

a. All interactions receive a free #polygon #airdrop

b. $eth #nfts w. the most interactions become the rarest!

More info here

3/ To further your support for #Ukraine 

1. Mint your own piece on 0.05ETH

2. Share your @opensea link on social

3. Let your audience interact, share, & mint their own

#nfts w the most interactions become the rarest!

Let’s support our friends in Ukraine

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