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Moment After


Moment after is a digital installation and immersive, generative art performance exhibited at NOTAGALLERY's opening exhibition “GEKAUFTE LIEBE" on 26.08.2022 in Berlin. The installation was exhibited in one night for more than 1,500 people.

The installation is now on permanent exhibition at NOTAGALLERY located at Potsdamer Str. 124, 10783 Berlin.

Sold at the opening for 12.5k euro.

Watch a sample of the performance piece, read more details below, and check back for more updates, event photos, and recap videos.

Event & Experience

Digital Installation & Immersive, Generative Art Performance


Technology & Generative Art: Jiwa

Technology & Creative Direction: Dr.Banner

Video & Performance Art: Blue Moon 

Performance Artist: Oona

Moment After is a 1 of 1 piece of digital art existing at the crossroads of multimedia, performance, and abstract generative art. 

The piece combines the human side of interaction and technology with the ephemeral nature of performance and permanence of the blockchain. Generative art, or art created with code, is our newest art movement and is currently changing the face of contemporary art.

"Our goal with this piece is to dynamically guide viewers in creatively influencing the generative art process, built within an immersive experience that tells the story of feeling into the moment after the climax of any energetic exchange as the point where experiential truths are revealed."
-Jiwa, Founding Partner

As part of NOTAGALLERY’s opening exhibition “GEKAUFTE LIEBE“ vernissage on 26.08.2022 NTENT.ART activated an immersive experience known as the “Moment After”, The installation uses 3D projection-mapped generative art, transactional interactivity via sensor technology influenced by the audience’s interactions, and a live performance by Blue Moon and conceptual artist OONA. The interactions were captured in real time and integrated into a 1/1 generative art NFT created and sold during the event.

Over 1,500 people attended the vernissage, showcasing fifteen international artists with featured activations including Porsche’s “Live Painting Experience” with Hoker and’s immersive, generative art performance "Moment After".

Event sponsors included Red Bull, IQOS, and Porsche.