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a generative+ genesis collection

n30 v|ta the first ever generative animated photography NFT collection is sold out. You can purchase on the secondary market.

Word on the streets is that photography is the next frontier of NFTs. We’re buying it for sure but what will distinguish the professional photo artist from anyone that can take a half-decent photograph with their iPhone?

n3o v|ta mint sample #1 ©

One thesis >>> it begins with singular narrative photography collections compartmentalized, as part of a larger story told by multiple collections, even the entirety of an artist’s body of work. Some amazing singular narrative collections can be seen in the successful works of photographers Bernd & Hilla Becher and Justin Aversano. [1][2]

Bernd Becher and Hilla Becher Blast Furnaces 1969–95 Tate © Estate of Bernd Becher & Hilla Becher
Bernd Becher and Hilla Becher Blast Furnaces 1969–95 Tate © Estate of Bernd Becher & Hilla Becher
Justin Aversano © Justin Aversano
Justin Aversano © Justin Aversano

Though web3 offers unique possibilities never before presented. We can combine this concept with generative systems and algorithms that expand on the collection’s narrative in a unique way. With this, we might just find a new artistic process.

There’s an opportunity for the expansion into a new structure for art, generative+. A structure that allows for the expansion of narrative beyond the static capture of light and beyond the assortment of digital pixels through autonomous systems.

n3o v|ta mint sample #2 ©

We define ”generative+” as expressed artistic endeavor coupled with the use of technology in expanding an artistic context or narrative. Though generative+ is not only code, and it is not only illustration mixed and matched to form a new illustration. It is 1 + 1 = 3. It is emergent. 

n3o v|ta, our first singular narrative

n3o v|ta is a generative+ collection that grants the power to destroy old world symbols and incentivises the literal burning of these oppressive mentalities.

The old world is ending and a new world is being created by all of us, facilitated by the birth of web3.0. In the old world, fear was the controlling power. 666 represented the mark of the beast, a symbol used to hide the true numerological meaning of the numbers. 666 truly represents the combined energies and attributes of the number 6 including honesty, justice, integrity, charity, faith, love, humanitarianism, service, balance, peace, self-sacrifice, empathy, sympathy, unconditional love, grace, social responsibility, compassion, beauty, the arts, generosity, gratitude, and responsibility. 666 expresses the ability for us to combine imagination and intellect to create positive outcomes supporting, assisting, and achieving a better life together. ” Dr. Banner
n3o v|ta mint sample #3 ©

n3o v|ta juxtaposes it’s religious iconography with a max supply of 666. These pieces can then be “burned” for redemption of a new progressive medium in the form of a future drop, of which many have been announced (check the discord for more info). Technically, the pieces were created by compositing a series of Baroque & Renaissance art photographs with multiple layers of photographic textures and effects, rendered in-house at scale using’s generative video technology 

Genesis Utility 

We care a great deal about doing things the right way looking out for artists, collectors, our community, and the world. These 666 art/utility-based NFTs offer early collectors membership by giving holders pre-mint access to future projects, early communication, and privileges within the collective ecosystem.

n3o v|ta mint sample #4 ©

Again, genesis tokens can be burned to redeem a single NFT from any future collection/release on the platform. We love mystery as art and have hidden utility and functionality within the genesis piece to be unlocked in the future at will. Genesis tokens will be sold for an inclusive mint price of 0.05ETH each. As n3o v|ta pieces are burned, they also become more scarce over time. 

Creating n3o v|ta

Dr. Benton Banner, a founding artist in collective and generative+ NFT platform has spent the past 12 years as an international creative director, professional photographer, videographer, and animator for the fashion, merchandising, event, and hospitality industries. A passionate creator across many mediums, Dr. Banner has compiled an immense photographic/videographic body of work that covers the vastness of diversity in contemporary culture seen around the world documenting the human experience from inner cities to the most remote areas of the planet.

n3o v|ta mint sample #5 ©

.jiwa is a crypto early adopter, artist, and prodigy coder. Having created complex technical systems for Hollywood, now he expresses his own vision through the creation of the generative+ medium at large. He also works to enable other artists to express their experiences and share their dreams with the world using the systems he’s created. 

Together they develop systems of creation, combining their experience to create a generative video platform that has empowered them to make n3o v|ta a reality for everyone to enjoy. A subsection of Dr. Banner’s professional art photography was used within .jiwa’s generative video systems, combining multiples of 7 unique layer systems to output hundreds of unique variations. 

   1Code x16

   2Goddess x10

   3Tone x12

   4Archetype x127

   5Path x10

   6Evolution x9

.  7Molecule x17

What will Dr. Banner, .jiwa & friends bring to the world next?

n3o v|ta mint sample #5 ©

Join the discord for release info and all things

n3o v|ta is currently sold out. You can now purchase on the secondary market.