The Televangelist is a generative audiovisual satire on the crypto technocult.

Thankfully, the Humanist movement has led us away from trad belief systems of yesteryear. We now navigate the age of the techno religion. 


To participate, investing both time and money in your journey, you must have faith. You must believe that this "future" is not fleeting.


We are all a part of the Techno-cult. Enjoy the anxiety. Beware the false prophets. 


And see clearly through the fog.

A Live Interactive Televangelist Sample. Click around, then "sound".

The Televangelist is a generative collection of digital art created by .jiwa, housed in NFTs on the Tezos Blockchain. This is .jiwa’s genesis creation on the Tezos blockchain, minted on fxhash


The Televangelist is animated, responsive, interactive, and deterministic, written with p5.js.

With generative multimedia sound using Tone.js and a collage of 33 audio clips of IRL televangelists and related journalism.

Desktop : Press S key

Mobile/Small Screens: Click “sound" button.

Sold out. Buy on fxhash.

87 mints are reserved for holders of jiwa's d!ss|pat!on.

Now a word from the good book

GM GM Hear ye

What a blessed day

Minimum 10 Tez in wallet

To hear the alpha I say

Riches and scams abundant

Where these markets

never sleep

If you’re lucky

You’ll get whitelist

I’m so nice to

My flock of sheep

Tune in to all my Spaces

And turn notifications on

But if you look away for an instant

Your hope for salvation is gone

Oh you’re so early

By the great gods you’ve been kissed

You’ll make it if you trust in me.

-Your beloved Televangelist.

The Life of a Televangelist

Each Televangelist has a larger than life personality and unique tactics. Beware big teeth and a warm smile, there’s often a sordid past.

F@ithful Disc!ples

These are the Televangelist devout. These faithfuls never miss a show, and are sure to vibe off the maniacal fanaticism in the room. 

The Televangelist’s disciples are audience-targeted based on marketing budget. Each impression is a lost soul needing salvation.

Additional marketing spend is unlocked when graduating from one of the following levels to the next:

  1. A Couple Rednecks
  2. Ratings Heating Up
  3. 60% Market Share of Rural Population
  4. Getting Fucking Scary
  5. A Fanatical Army

Televangelist Holy Handbook Hint 

 Look for those bowing.

200x Compressed Televangelist Sample Output with "A Couple of Rednecks". Four Rednecks actually.

Telethon Doll@rs Rai$ed

We have Televangelists from all walks of abysmal life and in every stage of their holy crusade. A Televangelist is only as good as his last score.

The coffers exist at the following levels: 

  1. Need more Grannys To Rob
  2. Lotta Grannys, but Poor Ones
  3. Enough to Start Evading Taxes
  4. Private Jet
  5. 3rd Private Jet

Televangelist Holy Handbook Hint 

Calculated by the interval at which new energy enters the space multiplied by the resistance of each yet to be disciple.

V|ewership Fan@ticism

A crazy thing happens when a fucking psychopath has a tapped vein on thirty thousand household living rooms across rural everywhere. If the dollars dial in and the switchboard goes fucking ballistic, we all get raving drunk on the holy spirit. 

This Key Performance Indicator is a key part of The Televangelist’s marketing spend funnel algorithm, allowing the ability to niche down on content strategy based on depravity and a number of other metrics.

The VF KPI is categorized into these high-level groupings:

  1. Pastor's Face on a Sign in the Front Yard
  2. 'Marge, make the popcorn w/ the extra butta'
  3. Donating Instead Of Paying Rent
  4. Speaking in Tongues
  5. Faking Healed From Unknown Diseases

Televangelist Holy Handbook Hint 

Measured by the spiritual gravity times the defiance of the non-believers.

You'r3 HEALED!

A boolean declaring that you paid us a sum of money. So, now you’re cool, until you like sin again in 15 minutes.

Televangelist Holy Handbook Hint 

Pedestrians reflect your glow ur so damn holy, struttin’ the town, holy book in hand.

Def Go!n' to He||

A binary decision determined by the conduit of "god" on whether or not you get brutally tortured for the rest of forever.

Televangelist Holy Handbook Hint 

Look for televangelists absent of colorful charisma


No respectable Televangelist awarded The Closeted Shepherd’s  “Saved and Sexy under Seventy” would be without a few skeletons in the Cadillac.

Skeletons May Include:

  1. PCP Addled Convenience Store Robbery
  2. Homophobic Gay Sex
  3. Endangered Animal Hunting Trip
  4. Caught With A Prostitute In The Forest
  5. Faked Own Death To Evade Taxes
  6. Lets Kids Watch The Simpsons
  7. Non Fatal Barbiturate Overdose
  8. Used Amateur Magic as Divine Intervention
  9. Former Satanic High Priest

Many of these were inspired by IRL televangelist activities as inscribed in this holy scroll.


Televangelist Holy Handbook Hint 

Influenced by the location at which the Televangelist gets on his Pulpit.

For The 2nd Coming

The Lord has entrusted only the Televangelist with details about this very important event. But for a sizable contribution to the Church…


No house of worship would be complete without a sense apocalypse and an organ player.

Desktop : Press S for generative/multimedia sound using Tone.js and a collage of short audio clips.

Mobile/Small Screens: Click "Sound" Button.

Tone.js was used to create generative audio compositions using selected chords/notes.

A set of 33 audio clips of IRL televangelists and related journalism, were sampled, used, and attributed in fair use, referenced below.

Audio clips are used under protected fair use related to activities of journalism and parody.

Audio clip sources :

Inside Edition

Full Interview: Preacher Kenneth Copeland Defends Lavish Lifestyle

Good Fight Ministries

Leaked Audio Of Perry Stone's Predatory Behavior

Hezakaya Newz & Films



Click above the bottom of the Altar to bring in more non-believers to be converted. Notice the lost souls getting converted near the bottom of the Alter

Click below the Altar to flush lost souls out.  

Press B to toggle access to the heavens.

Interactive Sound

As more non-believers enter, fanaticism & the will to convert increases in the form of increasing bpm. 


And the bowing of the devout can be heard if you believe… or turn your volume up high.


Go full-screen and play with the browser size to bounce the non-believers around for fun.

"In the beginning..."

In the quest of having a more decentralized future, we need to have our eyes open, and see things as they truly are.

We have a pathway to more freedom, which of course comes with more responsibility. Do your own research, learn about the technology you interact with and work to understand what creates value in art and innovation.

We have the chance for an incredible future, each and every one of us is capable of creating this future together. So stay sharp out there kids, and use forces from within to contribute, learn, discern, and freely express.

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