The Petrification of Water

What will be left once we as a species have used all earth’s resources?

Not us.

What will be left when all our water turns to stone?

Not us.

The Petrification of Water (tpow) is an audiovisual experience and poetic meditation that follows three acts. Act 1 presents a statement about our existence and the parasitic relationship with our planet. Act 2 exposes the potential impending and self-inflicted climate catastrophe we face as a species. And Act 3 brings the realization that there is the potential for salvation through our power to act.

The Petrification of Water Act 1 Composition 2
[Turn Sound On + Press Play]

The project is a surrealist representation of a reality where we no longer have "unlimited" access to our planet's resources. Tpow poses a look at a reality not far off where water has become indistinguishable from stone... 


Nine compositions set to an audio score made of three acts each represented by a different stone surface. Art Works can be minted here starting July 21st.

The Petrification of Water will be exhibited at BOOM FESTIVAL's ENVISIONARY ART MUSEUM, in collaboration with Art Progression Now, from July 22nd - July 29th as part of the world’s largest Psychedelic festival representing 40,000 attendees from 177 countries.

Curation of the artworks is be based on this year’s festival theme, The Anthropocene, and is infused with the festival's historic relationship to visionary psychedelic art. We have the power to both destroy the world and save it. This is Anthropocene.
There can be no dichotomy between the planet and humankind. We urgently need to envision new ways of cohabiting harmoniously and we have do it NOW. We cannot afford to give pessimism the space to get in the way.

Act 1: Introduction - Resource Scarcity Due to Climate Change. 

TPOW Act One 200x Compressed GIF Output Sample

Act 2: Revelation - Outcome of climate change: Climate Lockdowns & Lost Livable Land

TPOW Act Two 200x Compressed GIF Output Sample

Act 3: Progression - Immediate Solutions Through Action

TPOW Act Three 200x Compressed GIF Output Sample

Animated amorphic 2d shape