Friends of the artist ° is a [creators workspace] where artists and industry professionals come together to create in an open, safe, and constructive environment. Everyone is welcome who is or would like to become part of our community – that is, everyone who is a “friend of the artist.”

Be an artist, create with artists.
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bright moments Gallery
Auguststraße 68 BERLIN

Everyone is welcome. This is a safe space for artistic creation, constructive feedback from artistic peers, and a place for conversations on ideas, concepts, and philosophy around art and its creation process. Please bring whatever you need to create in a [creators' workspace]. Please note that there is a focus on digital fine art and generative art, so please come prepared with your tool kit, computers, sketchbooks, and whatever else you use in your daily practice. (That said, all artists and creators are welcome and there is a place for you!)

The structure is simple. When you arrive, you will be greeted by a team member that will walk you through the space, introduce you to the creative concepts of the day and tell you who the other creators in the space are. You are then free to start on your creative projects or start fresh using the creative concept for that day's event.

There will be a lunch break and round table discussion in the middle of the event leading into the second creative session of the day. There is a limited capacity, so sign up early. We also welcome any photographers/videographers, writers, journalists, and art industry professionals to join us in being friends with the artists and contributing through your form of creation!

FoTA 001: 16-08-2022 13:00-21:00
FoTA 002: 30-08-2022 13:00-18:00
FoTA 003: 04-10-2022 13:00-18:00
FoTA 004: 01-11-2022 13:00-18:00
FoTA 005: 10-01-2023 13:00-18:00

For question or direct support please DM Dr.Banner