Friends of the artist ° [art experiences] bring together artists & COmmunity to participate in creating generative Art through physical systems live in person during these special events. These are open, safe, & constructive ENVIRONMENTs.

Everyone is welcome as long as you're friends with the artist.

If you are looking for Friends of The artist [creators workspace] please see here.

Be an artist, create with artists.
hosted by, NFT CLub Berlin, & bright moments

24-08-2022 17:00-19:00

pre-web3 allstars special event
at Urban Spree 99 Revaler Strasse Berlin

Everyone is welcome, and this is a safe space for artistic creation, constructive feedback from artistic peers, and a place for conversations on ideas, concepts, and philosophy around art and its creation process. Please bring yourself and your friends. [Art Experiences] are distinctly different from the [Creators Workspaces] in that these are special events designed around an algorithmic system that marries physical and computer systems to create a collaborative output that everyone contributes to.

The structure is simple. When you arrive, you will be greeted by a team member that will walk you through the space, introduce you to the generative system of that special event and walk you through the process you are required to interact within. You are then free to start your creative process.

There is a limited capacity so sign up early. We also welcome any photographers/videographers, writers, journalists, and art industry professionals to join us in being friends with the artists and contributing!

FoTA [Art Experience] 001: 24-08-2022 17:00-19:00

For question or direct support please DM Dr.Banner