We are about sustainability & equal rights. is committed to a 200% carbon negative blockchain footprint & our cloud properties are 100% carbon-neutral.

Retired over 600% our carbon emissions on proof of work blockchains totaling to 525 tonnes of C02.
Planted over 2500 trees
Added 4 ETH to the Sustainability Investment Fund (NSIF)

Ukraine Support Effort

jiwa's f*ck putin collection raised a total of ~$7800 to support Ukraine relief, donated to UkraineDAO.eth

Minimum One Tree Initiative

Minimum One Tree per mint is the ntent collective's reforestation initiative, dedicated to planting at a minimum, one tree per token purchased at mint. 🌳

Sustainability Investment Fund

The Sustainability Investment Fund (NSIF) will be used to fund amazing projects, providing ETH injections to initiatives fighting climate change in several sectors:Β 

>carbon-sequestration technologies
>regenerative agriculture
>reforestation projects
>novel renewable energy production
>indigenous-led eco-protection projects
The fund will transition to a DAO with governance controlled by artists/partners proven positive track records on blockchain sustainability. 🌱

Animated amorphic 2d shape