press release, NFT art collective announces the launch of it’s new, sustainable & inclusive generative+ NFT platform.

For Immediate Release

Touted as the “generative art platform for street kids”,’s 200% carbon negative NFT platform curates only “the dopest artists and their art”

  • launches a curated NFT platform (think but price inclusive & edgy)
  • 200% Carbon Negative Platform + 10% goes to Sustainability Investment Fund.
  • Only 512 Genesis NFTs are being released with the platform launch offering early Membership, Burn Mechanics & Art
  • Their first art drop, OBJEKTS is shrouded in a mystery of bread crumbs. 

New York, New York - 11/23/2021 - collective announces the launch of its NFT platform. The platform offers artists and collectors in the crypto space the ability to mint NFT art in a price inclusive and sustainable way. 

What we found truly special about the platform is its commitment to sustainability with a 200% negative carbon footprint and a sustainable tech investment fund providing ETH injections to projects and teams who are fighting climate change, and their Minimum One Tree per mint, reforestation initiative. gives artists the power to be creatively free to release art that pushes the limits of blockchain tech through the creative use of smART contracts, on/off-chain data, deterministic data, longform collections, advanced utility, gamification, and experiential economics.’s giving back to the NFT community through utility, art, and responsibility! is releasing a 512 limited edition Genesis NFT with its platform launch that is inclusively priced, and offering unique Membership benefits, utility. 

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With the ongoing rollout of Ethereum 2.0 and MakerDAO’s Clean Money proposal, the industry leaders in crypto have stated the immense importance of sustainability in blockchain as an inherent and unavoidable social responsibility.[2][3]  The absence of sustainability has been one of the industry’s most significant drawbacks, and with $10.7 billion in 2021 third quarter sales.[1] the NFT market is accountable. This presents a unique market opportunity for an NFT platform like to take responsibility for the market’s use of blockchain tech while producing fine art in an inclusive way. offsetting carbon impact by 200% for the life of the token, including all secondary market transactions, is a move that will shake up industry​ ​standards moving forward.

“We have been in the creative space since 2009, working for sustainable and responsible businesses in an agency setting. Thanks to our individual blockchain experience and the birth of NFTs, we are creating a community that’s more financially empowered than ever before, said Dr. Benton Banner, Managing Director at, who spent 12 years as an international creative director. “Bored Ape Yacht Club sold $96 Million worth of NFTs in one hour with an incredibly small team. That's more power, responsibility, and potential impact per minute, on avg. than any traditional brand ever. With that power comes great responsibility, and for us, that opportunity offers the power to move beyond corporate red tape and take purposeful action with immediacy. All through the power of art.” 

“Something is happening. Web3 is here and every day we’re waking up in a new world.“, says .jiwa Founder, Artist, and 15 year developer having built apps for Sony Pictures. “Having a part in shaping this shift forward in a responsible way while also being able to express myself as an artist and dev is without question a dream come true. We built to have fun, express ourselves, and with some thoughtfulness, have an impact. Honestly, it’s not that hard.” 

About collective and sustainable NFT platform empowers artists and collectors to push the limits of smart contract art inclusively while positively impacting the environment. curates the dopest f*@king artists, creating long-term value for collectors, with a 200% carbon negative impact. We're about sustainability & equal rights. We are cool with everyone. love > hate. inclusion > exclusion. diversity > boring sameness.

OBJEKTS by Dr. Benton Banner


There are OBJEKTS in this reality that hold unique traits, digital artifacts sought after for their unique ability to grant their owners the power to manipulate reality. All those that seek their power must first find OBJEKT_0. Through repeated ritual, this key may reveal sacred knowledge necessary in discovering those OBJEKTS lost across the 13 Realms. OBJEKTS <ARE YOUR FUTURE/>

By possessing 01x OBJEKT_0 you may claim one OBJEKT from any of the 10 protected drops.

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Dr. Benton Banner  

Managing Director

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