press release, a new curated NFT platform & art collective announces the release of its limited-edition Genesis NFT Collection, n3o v|ta

For Immediate Release

666 utility-based NFTs, for early collectors, feature benefits within the collective ecosystem & first-look access to all future drops.

  • 666 Genesis pieces by are being released membership privileges in the ecosystem, burn mechanics, and more. 
  • launches a curated generative+ NFT platform 
  • 200% Carbon Negative Platform + 10% Sustainability Investment Fund

UPDATE 01/08/2022 - n30 v|ta the first ever generative animated photography NFT collection is sold out. You can purchase on the secondary market.

New York, New York - 11/28/2021 - collective announces the launch of its sustainable and inclusive NFT platform. Touted as creating “generative art for street kids”, the platform is fully committed to sustainability with a 200% negative carbon footprint and a yield generating sustainability investment fund providing ETH injections to projects and teams fighting climate change. is releasing “n3o v|ta”, 666 limited edition Genesis NFTs in conjunction with its platform launch and precedes the first four drops on the platform.

The utility-based NFTs offer early collectors unique Membership benefits, and utility. The n3o v|ta NFTs can be burned to redeem any single NFT from any future collection/release on the platform. It also acts as a membership token giving holders exclusive first look rainbowlist access to all projects, information, and communication within the collective ecosystem. loves mystery as art and has hidden utility and functionality within the genesis piece to be unlocked in the future at will. Genesis NFTs will be sold for an inclusive mint price of 0.05ETH each. It’s projected that due to the mechanics and utility, these limited editions will become increasingly more valuable over time as they are burned for art and access, becoming more and more scarce. 

Additionally, the collective has created a burn or hold incentive mechanism for collectors where any n3o v|ta piece can be burned for any future drop or if original minters of Genesis hold for one year collectors will receive an nft known as “Origin”, an NFT that evolves over the course of a year with an advanced utility playbook.

“We are pumped not only to launch a sustainable platform that gives creative freedom to its artistic members but to release our Genesis piece with so much value,” said Dr. Benton Banner, Managing Director of “We are getting creative with being inclusive, while also honoring all members, collectors, and patrons for their support, and those early to the game.”
“Something is happening. Web3 is here and every day we’re waking up in a new world.“, says .jiwa Founder, Artist, and 15 year developer having worked with Sony Pictures.  “Having a part in shaping this shift forward in a responsible way while also being able to express myself as an artist and dev is without question a dream come true. We built to have fun, express ourselves, and with some thoughtfulness, have an impact. Honestly, it’s not that hard.”

Follow the Discord to find out how to mint, collect, and contribute. 

About collective and sustainable NFT platform empowers artists and collectors to push the limits of smart contract art inclusively while positively impacting the environment. curates the dopest f*@king artists, creating long-term value for collectors, with a 200% carbon negative impact. We're about sustainability & equal rights. We are cool with everyone. love > hate. inclusion > exclusion. diversity > boring sameness.

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Dr. Benton Banner  

Managing Director

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