press release x Protocol Labs x Obey Art Space present: petls, an exhibition celebrating the stages of life.

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ntent is a Berlin-based art collective intent on fostering a new era of collaboration in the art world that stands to widen community reach.

  • jiwa develops PETLS, 5 generative art collections dropped on Tezos and Ethereum.
  • partners with Protocol Labs integrating IPFS & NFT Storage.
  • ntent partners with Obey Art Space and Carolin Ruggaber to bring the PETLS exhibition concept to life.

Berlin, Germany - 27/02/2023 - NTENT.ART, is a digital art and immersive experience collective using cutting-edge smart contract technology to empower artists and bring their visions to life in dynamic and generative ways.

The collective was founded by Dr.Banner, Blue Mo0n, and jiwa and was engineered as a tool for progressing the values of the art world. It spotlights sustainable, diverse, and inclusionary practices by calling on artists, collectors,
and participants to push the limits of what's possible in the world of art and disrupting the current and limiting industry constructs.

On 16 March ntent collective, in partnership with the Obey Gallery, and Protocol Labs will host their vernissage event to kick off the beginning of their new exhibition, petls.

Petls is a week-long exhibition —a macro-to-micro, generative and abstract representation of self-growth– by ntent co-founder and artist jiwa. It explores various approaches to creating live generative art for display while centering
the importance of technological literacy in contemporary culture, partnering with web3 industry players that include Protocol Labs, and IPFS.

The show is a multi-sensory experience, celebrating the stages of growth pairing natural and digital elements. Petls integrates the ephemeral nature of flowers with the permanence of generative art. Berlin-based floral artist Carolin Ruggaber, designs a tangible environmental display that will adorn ten digital displays in the main room featuring 194 unique pieces of generative art, five physical print editions on acid-free museum paper, and a one-of-one exclusive 1.88m x 1.41m framed print in the upper level.

The exhibition will allow attendees the opportunity to purchase fine artworks in print and or digital formats through cash, credit card, or crypto payments. The collective hopes that by offering various modes of payment and mediums it will allow more people the opportunity to collect art and promote more diversity and inclusion within this space.

ntent will continue to push the boundaries of technology and art, creating collections and experiences that utilize new technologies and telling stories not often told in a creative way.

Experience petls on the 16-12 of March at the OBEY Art Space in Berlin.


We are a digital art and immersive experience collective, revolutionizing the art world with our unique approach to art and technology.

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