petls = a story of growth. in 5 parts.

I. Stillness

II. Breeze

III. Complex

IV. Storm

V. Endurance

"To float along... if only."

The artist jiwa creates petls as a macro-to-micro, generative, abstract representation of self growth. This collection reflects the growth of the artist's practice over a 9 month period working with a single, self-developed, algorithmic pixel manipulation technique, and draws from the artist's own quest for happiness and self-contentment.

Over the course of the project, jiwa explores various approaches to creating live generative art for display, knowing the works will be viewed across a wide variety of screens and devices.

petls is a digital, generative, multi-chain collection with artworks on the Ethereum, Tezos, and Polygon blockchains.

petls is 100% algorithmic (created with code), animated, and deterministic, using javascript and p5.js.


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In the beginning, there was stillness...

Stillness #2 sample video (not peak quality)

I. Stillness

an early raw energy uplifts.

When we are very young, we exist in a pure and fully present state. This time requires tender care and specific instructions to nurture and grow, but the energy is raw, beautiful, and infectious. So light and easeful, it uplifts all who come in contact with it.

To float along, without mental calculation, is a bliss often dreamed about and coveted. We subconsciously spend the rest of our lives trying to return. Even a glimpse of experience in this energy can be an entire life's pursuit.

Still, it always exists within us...

3 1/1 works, 1 edition of 3, and 1 edition of 30

Minted on OBJKT

Stillness #5 sample video (not peak quality)

display exploration

Stillness pieces are not aware of external expectations. As such, the works in this collection have a fixed dimension, best viewed strictly at 700x700px resolution on a screen with a minimum pixel density of 2.

A breeze blows...

Breeze sample video (not peak quality)

II. Breeze

a transition and coming of age.

External reality happens. Countless forces are at work to make us uniform.

The ignorant and blissful are influenced and shaped. One must mature, but how deeply will we be changed? How much of one’s self will remain? A breeze will blow, one after the next. If swept, will we return to the path?

30 1/1 works

Minted on on the Ethereum blockchain.

Breeze sample video (not peak quality)

display exploration

Breeze begins to teach adaptation. Each work in the Breeze collection was curated from a large output, has a unique base width and height, and scales to fill its environment while keeping its aspect ratio.

high-quality export for print

Use keys 1-9 to export a high quality still. 9 is the highest quality (>50mb)

"I'm here?"

Complex sample video (not peak quality)

III. Complex

then why aren't I happy?

We've made it and we're welcomed into the modern mental complex. Anxiety. Desire. Want. "It" was supposed to be here. Where is it? Do I just accept this? Do I get angry? Do I get depressed? Do I blame all my problems on the other? Or do I continue the search? Sometimes the search knocks down your door. Sometimes you must seek it. Will I settle?

Complex abstractly explores the intricacies of mental patterns. Thoughts can circle, pop up randomly, or even spiral. Each thought reflects the others.

Some mind states see thoughts moving at incessant speeds, while some mind states are calmer and at peace.

Have you watched your thoughts? See if you can relate your experience to the visuals you see.

Complex is a long form generative art collection, and each piece is deterministic, responsive, interactive, and generated at mint (moment of purchase) with a single algorithm.

128 1/1/x's

Minted on fx(hash)

Complex sample video (not peak quality)

Curate your own Complex

The viewer can tailor many aspects of their complex. You can add a frame, speed up or slow down the running speed, or even open a window to insight.

Complex can be curated both by using the keyboard or loading with url options for a gallery setting.

Cage your Complex by pressing "c" or set "cage" value to 1

Ex. <URL TO COMPLEX>?hash=afi4nr78aw844i7f4fh&cage=1

Change your Complex's mental speed with the up / down arrow keys, or set "ease" value between 0.001 (slow) and 0.8 (very fast)

Ex. <URL TO COMPLEX>?hash=afi4nr78aw844i7f4fh&ease=0.01

Capture a screenshot by pressing the 1-9 keys (higher for higher quality) or at a specific time by setting exportat= in milliseconds

Ex. Takes a screenshot at exactly 3 second mark

<URL TO COMPLEX>?hash=afi4nr78aw844i7f4fh&exportAt=3000

Open a window into the mind that provides a moment of present thoughts. No past, no future.

Press w for your window, or set "w" value = 1

Ex. <URL TO COMPLEX>?hash=afi4nr78aw844i7f4fh&w=1

display exploration

Each Complex's base size is now more homogenous than its predecessors in that each has the same base height and width, and scales to fill its environment while keeping its aspect ratio.

high-quality export for print

Use keys 1-9 to export a high quality still. 9 is the highest quality (>50mb)

A storm brews.

Storm sample video (not peak quality)

IV. Storm

a deep evolution.

A storm shakes you to your core. This can be self-sought, but often arrives via trauma and tragedy. Feelings of despair are justified. These storms break us down to our bits. It may feel like a low, but each challenge presents an opportunity for transformation.

If one has the vigilance to self-seek this, one must be ready to burn one's self in the fire.

We must overcome fear and comfort to fight misery.

25 1/1 works

Minted on on the Tezos blockchain.

Storm sample video (not peak quality)

display exploration

Each storm is landscape-oriented with a single fixed base width and a height that adapts to the available screen dimensions, then scales to fill its environment.

high-quality export for print

Use keys 1-9 to export a high quality still. 9 is the highest quality (>50mb)

A light shines...


Endurance #0

V. Endurance

willed progression.

Emerging from the storm, senses now exist beyond the five. We now have the awareness and tools to get back to the path whenever we may drift.

Endurance is the fifth and final collection in the Petls narrative.

12 works

11 1/1's on the Ethereum blockchain & 1 edition airdropped to all collectors on the Polygon blockchain.

Minted on

high-quality export for print

use keys 1-9 to export a high quality still. 9 is the highest quality (>50mb)


And the process repeats. Glimmers of raw energy uplift, many breezes will blow, storms will challenge, and again and again, one can endure. All the while, navigating the complex and growing awareness and fortitude.

With each cycle, more frequently and for greater duration, we can indeed, float along, with ease...

like a petl.