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petls recap

DATES: March 16th - 21st 2023

On 16 March, ntent, hosted the PETLS immersive generative art experience, in partnership with the Obey Gallery and IPFS (Protocol Labs).

This week-long show featured the work of artist & ntent cofounder, jiwa, telling a story of growth across 5 generative art releases. These collections also explore various approaches to creating live generative art for display while centering the importance of technological literacy in contemporary culture.

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The PETLS event was a multi-sensory experience, pairing natural and digital elements and integrating the ephemeral nature of beauty with the permanence of blockchain-based art. Berlin-based floral artist Carolin Ruggaber designed a tangible environmental display from which ten digital displays blossomed, featuring 194 unique pieces of generative art. Five museum-quality physical print editions and one-of-one exclusive 1.88m x 1.41m framed prints filled the upper-level loft.

Artist and ntent co-founder Blue Moon designed a "scent flight”, pairing custom-designed fragrances with each of the five generative collections. There was also a custom cocktail menu pairing for each collection, including warm, cold, alcoholic, and nonalcoholic beverages. The event hosted over 500 of Berlin's cultural influencers, artists, and industry professionals and was supported by IPFS, Obey Art Space, Chiemseer, Spezi, and SunnyPR.

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