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We started this project during the #NFT summer of 2021 with the goal of creating an inclusive & #sustainable NFT platform for curated generative & deterministic art.

We’re doing things our own way, with heart, and everyone, including you, can participate in the journey, reap benefits, and feel really good about doing it.

So.. wtf is

@ntentart is a digital artist collective. With a brand-spanking new NFT platform to release our work and do it with all the feelz. Wanting to give artists the power to be creatively free, we expanded our initial smart contract allowing artists to release generative & deterministic, 3D rendered, webgl & AR media, photography, and any other type of art they desire.

The only requirement is that the artist is awesome, and the art is f*@king dope. You might be asking, "What do you consider dope?" 😎 Art that pushes the limits of blockchain tech with the creative use of:
   -smART contracts
   -transaction hashes
   -on/off-chain data
   -longform style
   -metaverse interoperability

What's Our Impact?

We're about sustainability and equal rights & we're putting action and our money where our mouth is and here’s how.

   a. 200% carbon negative blockchain footprint
   b. minimum 1 tree per mint program
   c. @ntentart sustainability fund

200% (it’s not a f*@king typo) carbon negative. That includes secondary market transactions too. For every nft minted through our platform we plant at least one tree, we may do a bunch more. All in effort towards advancing global carbon capture rates. Peep to learn a little about our sustainability fund.

Inclusion creates equity and we all know the value of positive equity. moon. We’re cool with everyone. love > hate. inclusion > exclusion. diversity > boring sameness.

Now you know wtf we’re about. And if you’re about it too, then, let’s ride...and reap the benefits of being early on this one. Much love ♥️