artist/director @ntentart
twitter: @drbannerX
instagram: @drbannerX

Dr.Banner is an American pseudo-anonymous multimedia artist and creative director based in Berlin. His work explores consciousness through 2d expressionism and multi-dimensional installations that use surrealist visualizations to bring new forms of awareness to audiences through interactive and participatory experiences.

Banner is the co-founder of ntent, an art and technology collective, where he works as a public voice and activist for sustainability, equality, decentralization, and the democratization of arts and culture.


Digital installation & performance piece
p5.js, video, projection mapping, & sensor systems

a 1 of 1 by ntent at the intersection of multimedia, performance, and abstract generative art.

moment after combines the human side of interaction and technology with the ephemeral nature of performance + the permanence of the blockchain bringing attention to the moment after the climax in any interaction.


3D fluid simulation, animated, textured in 8k stone, and composited in Blender, Post produced in Adobe After Effects.

The Petrification of Water (tpow) is an audiovisual experience and poetic meditation that follows three acts, was sol, and exhibited at BOOM FESTIVAL's ENVISIONARY ART MUSEUM, in collaboration with Art Progression Now, from July 22nd - July 29th 2022


Technical Paper
3D Surrealism, Animation
3D Scanned sculptures


Technical PaperMint Link
3D Surrealism, Animation
Fluid simulation and visual meditation.


Generative Animation, Red Felt Marker,Red Pen, & Red Crayon on 190g white paper digitally photographed on a Sony A7 series camera with a 24-70mm f/4 Carl Zeiss lens. Animated & post produced in Adobe After Effects.

Displaced Anger is a collection that features the traditional form of action painting or gestural expression. Fifty compositions were selected, photographed, and generatively processed using layered displacement maps and's proprietary generative video technology.

Collodion Process

Technical PaperMint Link
Generative Art, 2D Expressionism
Digital photography, Animation

The collection comprises a series of professional portrait photographs captured between 2015-2020. Illustrating the historical origins of the Wet-Collodion production process.


Technical PaperMint Link
Generative Art, 2D Expressionism
Digital photography, Animation

This collection comprises a series of flower photographs captured across 12 countries between 2017-2022 selected to represent the Taoist concept of the “Golden Flower” as investigated by Carl Jung.

n3o v|ta

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Generative Art, 2D Expressionism
Photography, Digital collage, Animation

n30 v|ta the first ever generative animated photography NFT collection is sold out. You can purchase on the secondary market.

Untold Futures

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Digital Collage

Untold Futures is a collection of multimedia compositions and a legacy collaboration by .jiwa & Dr.Banner. "Untold Futures" is a commentary on the global human cultural experience in the face of the 21st century's climate emergency.


by Davey Leavitt &

Mint Link
Sculpture, 3D Scan, Animation

This NFT collection digitizes a few of the physical pieces from the exhibition EVERYTHING IS FINE KEEP SWIPING / HOW TO CAGE A WAGGING TAIL, 2021, created by artist Davey Leavitt. The series captures the ever increasing freedom of the emerging digital experience. When a physical chair can gallop in solid gold, and be sat upon in the metaverse, anything is possible.

Dr. Banner: Origins, Visual Rhetoric, Global Creative Design.

Prior to a full-time career in art and web3, Dr. Banner (an environmental activist) spent 8 years as an international creative director building teams and producing photo-video campaigns for global brands, with a sustainable business model, across Asia, Europe, and the United States, working to change the global business paradigm from “profit over people” to “people over profit.” Dr. Banner has also been a mental health advocate teaching meditation and consent communication practices at events and festivals across 12 countries.

Dr. Banner is a vocal voice in the Digital Fine Art & NFT communities working with artists in both the web3 and traditional spaces. He is actively featured on multiple conference stages, as a master of ceremonies, moderating and contributing to panels, podcasts, and YouTube channels, where he speaks as a public voice on art culture, sustainability, inclusion, equality, decentralization, and the expansion of smart contract-based art.

Banner is currently producing, in collaboration with Bright Moments, the Friends of the Artist [Creators Workspace] event series and the special edition Friends of the Artist [Art Experience] event series.

A few of Banner’s notable accomplishments:



  • Master of Ceremonies NFT Berlin 2022
  • Speaker NFT Berlin 2022
  • Speaker SUGOI NFT NYC 2022
  • Speaker Decentral Conference Art Basel Miami 2021


  • One Drop, Into the Metaverse: Spatial, Nyc, NY 2022
  • Technique X WeDream Auction House Nyc, NY 2022
  • ENVISIONARY ART MUSEUM, Boom, Portugal 2022
  • GEKAUFTE LIEBE Vernessage Berlin Germany 2022

Speaking Links

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NFTBERLIN 2022 Panel “Why Web3 Matters”

GOLDen MetaSessions with doc Peace Podcast “How to craft an Equitable world through Web3 ft. Dr.Banner”

Art Start Now Interview

The episodes 1-24

Animated amorphic 2d shape

Some say we are the lost daughters of Dali or the forgotten sons of Joan Mitchell. Others know us as the grandfathers of Raphael Sanzio da Urbino or the fallen mothers of Medusa Gorgoneion...

We are nothing & yet We are everything.

We have seen your dreams as they are our dreams too. Because our story is your story. One of fear & love, of passion & of pain. One of freedom & entrapment. of desperation, victory, despair, abandonment, & perseverance.

When the fear is gone only we will remain & for that you must know that we are all Dr. Benton Banner. [We all laugh]

May the light of the ages fall upon your path. May you always walk forward, steady of mind and strong of heart, with clarity towards that which has always been yours.