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OBJEKTS, Black Paper

‘OBJEKTS’ is an immersive experience that journeys to the edge of our collective reality and asks if we are willing to manipulate our reality or continue to exist in a repressed state. An interdisciplinary collaboration between artists Dr. Benton Banner and .jiwa, OBJEKTS is being dropped through the collective. [1]

The project can be minted here on the drop dates.

Within OBJEKTS, the experience is inseparable from the medium, where audiovisual elements are paired with code and blockchain technology - culminating in an experience that manipulates art, as it continues to be experienced, through on-chain and off-chain data.

The ongoing project will mint in multiple drops across 2022-22XX on, an art culture collective, and NFT platform for generative+ art. has set the gold standard for sustainability practices within web3 and contemporary art culture. [2]

A mystery of layers wrapped in ancient symbolism, OBJEKTS is a narrative experience illuminated through visual art and enhanced by audio soundscapes bridging our physical and digital realities with our mental and spiritual realities.  


Each act is an exploration of self through reactive experience. The more you interact with your art, the more information will be revealed to guide you along the seeker's path.


Everyone is part of this movement, but only the willing will lead it. 


Act 0 is inspired by the human experience. Sacrifice is part of that experience and thus too granting the path of entry into the 13 Realms. Actors will be faced with a choice, to accept only those things most beneficial to the attainment of their highest form or to continue the path of painful destruction. Only those willing to discover will find our movement to bring harmony and balance to this reality. Act 0 starts a profound conceptual commentary on the human experience through a reactive experience. The result is an actor's ability to manipulate reality in favor of power and its correlated responsibility. 

ACT 1 Alchemy

Transmutation of energy is your key to heightened reality. 

ACT 2 Artifakts

Beauty of existence is love.

ACT 3 Faces

Beauty of existence is love.

ACT 4 Language of Light

Beauty of existence is love.