S. Ryan O'Connor
Artist working with code. Berlin-based.
founder ntent

work published on:

Art Blocks

AXO, 2023

Releasing on Art Blocks. november 27


with Bernar Venet. currently on display at the Venet Foundation.


with Bernar Venet. Displayed at the Budapest Binale, 2023


Endurance is the final collection in the PETLS generative narrative.

View live on ntent.art

STORM, 2023

Storm is the fourth chapter in the PETLS narrative.

View live on versum.xyz


Complex is the third chapter in PETLS.

View live on fx(hash)

BREEZE, 2023

Breeze is the second chapter in the PETLS narrative.

Minted on ntent.art.


Stillness is the 1st chapter in the PETLS generative narrative.

View live running works on OBJKT

Affirmations, 2023

affirmations code running live on your device^^

fully responsive, multi-media generative art using a hand-written animated alphabet



PETLS, 2023

PETLS is the generative story of growth, told in 5 parts.

PETLS is a multi-chain, generative art series, told across Ethereum and Tezos.

The PETLS immersive art experience on March 16th, at the OBEY art space in the heart of Berlin.


Moment After Digital Installation, immersive generative art performance. Berlin, August, 2022

Berlinverse, Berlin, Germany 2022
A collection of d!ss|pat!on works displayed across 12 projectors at -Berlinverse 

Value in Art & Interactive "Make Your Own Gen Art" Experience NFTNYC NYC 2022

One Drop, Into the Metaverse: Spatial, NYC 2022
Metanoise Denver 2022

Technique X WeDream Auction House NYC 2022

“Gateway to the Metaverse” by Global Art Exhibition,  House of Wisdom, Sharjah, UAE 2022 


Speaker NFT Berlin Conference 2022 - Generative Art : We need a new vocabulary

Panelist NFT San Francisco Conference 2022 - Artist Success Stories

Panelist SUGOI NFT NYC 2022 - Smart Contracts for Artists

Speaker W3BTHR33 Lounge NFT NYC 2022 - ntent.art

Speaker Mintwoch Berlin 2022 - Artist talk


jiwa is an artist and coder having over 15 years of experience building creative technology as a senior-level full-stack software architect/engineer for startups and Fortune 500 companies, including Sony Pictures and Interpublic Group. He’s also a smart contract and web3 dev, building and managing all technology for the ntent collective and ntent.art. 

"I grew up in the surf/skate culture of Virginia Beach, with my mother and two younger brothers. it was a little tough, We moved every year, my mom held it together as My father suffered from addiction and was in and out of jail. but for the most part, we were happy. My brothers and I made our own fun with what we had. I became comfortable creating with whatever was around. Even now, all I need is a computer."

jiwa is a passionate activist, often using his work to raise awareness/relief for environmental and socio-political causes.

In Spring 2022, he raised $8000 for the Ukrainian war effort with the interactive, social generative art project, f*ck putin. With ntent, he has planted ~2500 trees and offset over 600% of the carbon footprint of the ntent.art platform. In 2021, he walked over 100 miles in Minnesota with Indigenous leaders in protest of the Line3 oil pipeline. In 2020, he released BLMtv for the Black Lives Matter movement, which was used as a creative educational resource in public middle schools in Washington DC. In 2018, he experienced a 7.0 earthquake in Indonesia. After joining local rescue teams, he shot photos of the aftermath. Back in the US, he held a photo exhibition as a disaster relief event, donating 100% of the proceeds to Indonesian families impacted by the earthquake.
Education: BS, Information Systems, George Mason University