jiwa's early works

Moment After, 2022

a 1 of 1 by ntent at the intersection of multimedia, performance, and abstract generative art.

moment after combines the human side of interaction and technology with the ephemeral nature of performance + the permanence of the blockchain.

moment after brings attention to the moment after the climax in any interaction.

Televangelist, 2022

The Televangelist is a generative audiovisual satire on the crypto technocult. sound on 🔊

jiwa compares modern digital influencoor culture to televangelists of days past.

Includes generative multimedia sound using Tone.js and a collage of 33 audio clips of IRL televangelists and related journalism.

A collection of 69 generative art pieces on fxhash.

Enter the wild world of the Televangelist in the article.

Periodic Flux, 2022

periodic flux's code running live on your device^^

every month, those that menstruate experience a flux of self. physical, mental and emotional states are subject to change and may appear closer in a mirror than they truly are. this flux of self is a part of life.

all of life is in flux, is natural, and should never be shamed.

this piece has it's own monthly cycle. on the 10th, the cycle begins. the piece slowly ramps up until it experiences its peak state of flux between the 15th - 17th, then gradually returns to its base state around the 20th.

every time you refresh, it can have a slightly different state, as we are all always changing, and can never be expected to be the same at any given time.

this piece lives in berlin, and changes from day to night.

periodic flux is part of the #onedropnfts collection about destigmatizing menstruation.

f*ck putin & the sh@dow, 2022

f*ck putin is a social live generative project & an experiment in incentivized activism in three acts.

Viewers interacted with each piece, providing emotional input used to create the final collection.

the sh@dow represents act 3 of f*ck putin, and was airdropped for free to all participants.

jiwa filmed the videos at an anti-war protest in berlin, feb 2022.

d!ss|pat!on, 2022

d!ss|pat!on #113 running live on your device, click me ^^

jiwa's 1st generative art release, and the first generative work released on the platform.

Each d!ss|pat!on is a 1 of 1, generated at mint, deterministic, responsive, and interactive.

with practice, desire will enter, pass quickly, and d!ss|pate.

BLMTV, 2020

In 2020, he released BLMtv for the Black Lives Matter movement, which was used as a creative educational resource in public middle schools in Washington DC.


In 2018, he experienced a 7.0 earthquake in Indonesia. After helping the locals rescue people trapped under debris, he shot photos of the aftermath. Back in the US, he held a photo exhibition as a disaster relief event, donating 100% of the proceeds to Indonesian families impacted by the earthquake.