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Studio is the most powerful offering from ntent, providing custom art technology solutions to empower artists and institutions. Our tools and applications offer Web3 integration with the ability to produce generative, dynamic, and multimedia art experiences.

Studio is Made For Art

art technology supporting the creation, archiving, and presentation of art

We partner with artists and institutions looking to build a Web3 infrastructure, art, narrative, and experience for the community and culture.

Studio was created by ntent, the US art collective dedicated to bridging the physical and digital art worlds through compelling uses of technology. Our team is made of world-class artists and technologists passionate about using technology as an artistic medium.

What Our Tech Does

Innovating web2 & Web3

We offer custom software licensing for fully on-chain art and off-chain libraries-based smart contracts: Web2 to Web3 integrations, minting sites, testing platforms, and fully customizable solutions for generative, dynamic, and multimedia art. And specialized development for blockchain as a medium project.

How We Work

We develop custom solutions through easy & streamlined processes.

a. Finding your custom solution
b. Building with artists and developers
c. Testing, quality assurance, and deployment
d. Releasing your project

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What is [technology]?

^ is a fine art technology platform that uses blockchain and decentralized technologies to lift up artists, galleries, and institutions in being on-boarded to the decentralized ecosystem through a collection of blockchain solutions. Our current technology stack consists of: powered by smart contract platform,, a series of web3 integration tools, and, a generative video scaling solution for art and social media projects.

love > hate. inclusion > exclusion. diversity > boring sameness.

We are here to provide a platform to empower the voice and the art of every community.

Learn more about the ntent [collective] here.

Why would I use [technology]?


Artists, galleries, and art institutions that want to create, curate, and manage the ownership of their art while storing everything immutably on the blockchain would power their platform and community with, developing generative, dynamic, and multimedia collections of art.

The platform is interoperable and extensible, meaning that all NFTs minted using are compatible with all open NFT marketplaces and includes an extension framework allowing for the integration of blockchain applications for long-term functionality.

What is the difference between "ntent" & ""?


ntent is a collective of artists that use and develop the technology to produce generative and dynamic blockchain art and live art experiences. Read more in our hard fork article.

How do you mint on


Minting takes place at for the designated project, drop date + time. operates under a “lottery minting system,” where minters receive a randomly-selected or deterministically generated piece from the collection at the time of mint.
For minting instructions, please watch this video.

After minting your art, you can view, sell, or trade your NFTs on the secondary market.’s primary contract can be viewed on Opensea.

Is all the art stored on-chain?


All metadata and assets are stored immutably on IPFS and Arweave. Storing to the permaweb is done to ensure our systems operate in a decentralized way.

What chains does work with?


We currently support deployment to Ethereum L1 and Polygon. We are also currently developing a Tezos contract implementation.

Does support Generative Art?


Yes, includes a fully-featured generative art backend for generated-at-mint 1of1ofX verifiably deterministic art, comparable to Art Blocks Engine. It includes deployment of all assets to the permaweb, currently Arweave and soon to include IPFS.

Does support Dynamic Art?


Yes, includes an extensible backend feature set for dynamic art, used for generating unique artworks that dynamically utilize on and off-chain data, advanced smart contract executables, and external protocols to manipulate art in relative time, parametrically.

What else can support?

^ also includes a set of tools for the ad-hoc deployment of various types of digital art assets, including images, videos, web pages, 3D files (glb, fbx) for multimedia-based projects.

What type of ERC tokens does mint & what about gas?


We have gas optimized the platform using the ERC-721A contract implementation. This increases gas efficiency by 60% and allows for the batch minting of 1000 NFTs for the equivalent of 6 ERC-721 NFTs.

What is the environmental impact?


On September 15th, 2022 the Ethereum network switched from the Proof of Work (POW) consensus mechanism to the Proof of Stake (POS) consensus mechanism and reduced the network's energy consumption by 99.95%

To learn more about our sustainability efforts please check out our Impact page.

Are there any platform fees?


Yes, there are platform fees.

All powered by implementations have a built-in carbon offset, at least one tree planted per mint, and sustainability fund fee of 5% built into the contract through a payment splitter function. These fees are to ensure that we are not only reducing our impact, but also working to contribute by positively impacting our environment.

Additionally, there is a 10% fee per transaction on primary and 2.5% on secondary markets. These fees allow us to put food on the table and support the team of creatives and developers that work so hard to continue to build for the community.

At mint, 10% of the purchase price is transferred to the ntent collective wallet and 5% to the ntent.sustainability wallet. The remaining balance is transferred to the project's creator(s).

Who owns the license to the art minted through


Each artist or institution, on a collection-by-collection basis, can choose a license type they grant to the collector of a piece from that collection. Licenses can range from MIT and CCO, Unrestricted full commercial, to fully restricted non-commercial license types and is at the discretion of each artist or institution.

How do I as an artist or fine art institution partner with


If you want to power your next generative, dynamic, or multimedia project with [technology] or stand up an institution-level platform for all of your artists to create on, then contact our managing director at to schedule a time to cut it up about the details of your project.

Still have questions? Email us at